Local police agencies are asking the Hudson Valley for assistance in looking for a missing man near the Washingtonville, New York area.

Vulnerable Adult Missing From Washingtonville, NY

Around 4 pm on Thursday, April 25th, 2024, the Washingtonville Police Department alerted the public about a missing Washingtonville man.

In the post, they explain that 18-year-old Tyler Rivera was last seen on Wednesday, April 24th, 2024. The 18-year-old was last seen on Emerson Drive in the Village of Washingtonville around 8:30 pm.

Rivera was last seen wearing a light grey sweatshirt, blue sweatpants, and white sneakers and carrying a black backpack.

According to the missing person flyer, River is a vulnerable adult. The Washingtonville Police Department explains that Rivera has autism and "may be in need of medical attention."

Authorities believe Tyler may be in Ulster County. If you have seen Tyler Rivera call The Washingtonville Police at 845-496-9123.

We'll update this story as information comes in.

4 New Yorkers Go Missing, Last Seen in the Hudson Valley

Over the last 2 months, 4 people have gone missing that were last seen in the Hudson Valley.  None of the cases are said to be in connection with each other. The local organization Hope Alive 845 shares information regarding local missing person cases.

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Most recently, Collins Oremo was reported missing on Thursday, April 18th. At midnight on the 18th, he was last seen on the Hudson River Walkway. Oremo is a 5'11" 28-year-old African American man, weighing around 225 pounds. Hope Alive 845. reports that Oremo was wearing black shorts and a green shirt when he was last seen.

Missing People in the Hudson Valley
Hope Alive 845/Facebook


Nicholas Faust, Matthew Peressini, and 16-year-old Nebriana
"Bri" Parker were all reported missing between March and April 2024. You can learn more about their cases and get updates from Hope Alive 845.

Hope Alive 845 is a non-profit organization 501C3 that provides resources to law enforcement and the Hudson Valley community regarding missing individuals around the region.

So far in New York State in 2024, 29 kids have gone missing. Do you or someone you know have any more information about these missing children?

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Missing College Students in New York State

College Students that have gone missing in the state of New York

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It’s human nature to move on after a case runs cold, for many years. The public forgets, the authorities move on to the next issue but the families never forget, they never give up looking for their missing member. I can’t imagine the hopelessness a family can experience when their loved one disappears out of the blue. Where do you begin your search, who can you trust and what happens when you can’t get answers? According to danbury-ct.gov The following individuals have been missing from Danbury for a decade or more. 

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