A brand new hotel with 19 rooms and a café could soon call Woodstock, NY home.

Nestled in Ulster County, NY the town of Woodstock is one of the Hudson Valley's "coolest" and creative small towns. Known for many things Woodstock is full of history, great restaurants, and of course, music. Similar to other Hudson Valley towns it has experienced many changes over the years. Businesses have come and gone, residents have moved in and out of town and it appears that a big change could be in the works for a former gas station on Mill Hill Road.

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Former Woodstock Gas Station to be Demolished?

For many years 39 Mill Hill Road in Woodstock was home to a Mobil gas and repair station. The station offered customers gas for years but wound up removing the gas pumps some 10+ years ago and from around 2012 until 2020 it was home to a local car repair shop. The shop and the 1/2 acre of land it was located on were put up for sale sometime in 2020 and now, 3 years later it appears that someone did buy the property and has submitted plans to the Ulster County Planning Board to demolish the station for a new hotel.

Google Maps
Google Maps

New Hotel Plans in Woodstock

According to the Ulster County Planning Board plans have been submitted recently to demolish the former gas station to make room for a new hotel. If the planning board approves the plans the station would be demolished to make room for a new 19-room hotel and café. The plans appeared on the most recent planning board agenda but didn't reveal much more information and didn't say when the board would vote on whether or not they would allow the project to move forward. When that information becomes available we will update this article.

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As news began to spread about the possibility of a new hotel coming to Woodstock, many residents shared their anger on social media, complaining that the lot of land isn't big enough to house a hotel that size and that adding a hotel would NOT improve Woodstock at all. You might remember last year many in Woodstock were frustrated with out-of-towners saying that visitors were ruining the small quaint town. The frustrations lead to someone posting nasty messages on telephone poles around town. Read more about that and the messages left for visitors here.

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