This was tough to watch, but we have to admit some of the town names in New York are pretty difficult.

New York Giants Rookies Butcher Town Names

Every year after the NFL draft, the rookies head into an early practice before pre-season starts. For the last several years, the New York Giants camp not only prepares the players physically, but mentally as well.

The social media team for the Giants quizzes the rookies on how to pronounce different New York and New Jersey town names. And for the most part, the rookies butcher the pronunciation.

This year the social media team gave the newbies the following town names to pronounce:

Lake Hopatcong
Greenwich Village
Houston Street
Kosciuszko Bridge

Watch Giants Rookies Struggle Pronouncing Dutchess County Town

We'll give it to the new guys, those were some pretty difficult town names. If I'm being honest I even struggled with some of them. With that being said, watch below and see how you measure up:

"Po-skippy" is pretty funny, but the rookie did better than expected. One Giants fan wrote in the comment section "Someone pronouncing Poughkeepsie right on the first try is something I never thought I’d ever see."

Hopefully, the New York Giants season goes more smoothly than these pronunciations.

Uglyist Sounding Hudson Valley Town Names?

While we're on the topic of Town Names and pronunciation, we have to admit that the town names given to the Giants rookies are kind of ugly looking. There are just too many letters and sounds, but that's just my opinion.

Check out this list that was put together a few years ago about the ugliest-sounding town names across the area. What town should be added to the list?

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Ugly and miserable, these were some of the local towns suggested as the most miserable in the Hudson Valley:

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Okay, enough of the negative! There's gotta be something positive about Hudson Valley towns, right?....RIGHT?!

Of course!  Recently there were a few Hudson Valley towns named the best to retire in in 2024. Would you retire here?

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