A celebration is in order for one special Hudson Valley pup. Remember Wilma from Newburgh, New York?

Pregnant Dog Abandoned in Newburgh, New York

Last week, Take Me Home Pet Rescue shared the heartbreaking story about their latest rescue who they lovingly named Wilma. Sadly, Wilma was "dumped out of a U-Haul" in the Newburgh area.

A Good Samaritan found her and brought her to Take Me Home Pet Rescue. Wilma was in good hands with the TMH staff and was just about to visit the vet to get spayed when doctors found a surprise.

Wilma was already pregnant.  Take Me Home Pet Rescue made a quick decision to keep the babies and take care of Wilma throughout her pregnancy. With that, TMH asked the public to help out however they could as taking care of a pregnant dog and her future puppies came with a hefty price tag. Take Me Home Pet Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit that saves dogs and cats from high-kill shelters, that rely on donations to continue their mission.

Pet Rescue to Throw Pregnant Pup Special "Puppy Shower"

Wilma's story made the rounds around the Hudson Valley and so many people reached out willing to make monetary donations and also purchase items from the TMH Pet Rescue Amazon Wish List. The rescue decided to throw Wilma a Puppy Shower! On Saturday, May 11th, 2024 Take Me Home Pet Rescue is inviting the public to Mary Jane's Dairy Bar on Route 9W in Newburgh to Wilma's Puppy Shower.

On the invitation they write "Please join us to eat ice cream while we raise funds to help Mama Wilma have a smooth pregnancy and birth." They explain that all the collected donations will go to medical bills, food, and care for Wilma and her future puppies. All monetary and gift donations made at Mary Jane's Dairy Bar the day of the shower will get you a free ice cream cone. Another bonus? Wilma is bringing her other adoptable friends to the event to meet everyone!

Learn More About Wilma the Rescue Dog

We've talked to the folks at Take Me Home Pet Rescue who tell us that Wilma is "as sweet as can be despite her prior circumstances of abandonment." According to the rescue, Wilma is getting used to being in a caring and loving home.

Wilma is a fan of playing with her foster sister, taking naps, sunbathing, and of course getting lots of snuggles.

TMH tells us that the vet believes Wilma is pregnant with 4 pups. If you'd like to keep up with Wilma make sure to follow Take Me Home Pet Rescue on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. They will be sharing updates and additional information about Wilma using the hashtag #WilmasWorld.

While Wilma is currently the talk of the town, TMH has a ton of other puppies in foster care looking for loving homes and you can learn more about them on the rescue's social media accounts.

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