Oh my goodness, the celebrity tea just keeps getting hotter and hotter.

Some may consider parts of the Hudson Valley "small towns" so we're no strangers to the small-town drama. But, when big-town drama makes its way into our small town, I become invested.

For the last year, I have been following the TJ Holmes/ Amy Robach drama that seemed to unfold right in our own backyard.

This time last year, former GMA3 cohosts Amy Robach and TJ Holmes took their professional relationship to new levels. The 2 were spotted by paparazzi vacationing together in Ulster County.

Getty Images/ Daily Mail
Getty Images/ Daily Mail

Ulster County Tryst Makes National Headlines

A nice romantic weekend away to Minnewaska is cute with 2 coworkers who are now dating. No big deal right? WRONG. The 2 were still married to other people!

Holmes was married to his wife at the time Marilee Fiebig and  Robach was married to Andrew Shue. A workplace romance might get some attention, but when it turns into a full-blown affair it turns into a much bigger piece of the puzzle.

After the headlines broke, Holmes and Robach were let go from GMA3 and they were pretty quiet on social media.  Today, the 2 former GMA hosts have a podcast where they spill all the tea and clear up the biggest misconception and confirm that they are still in love.

Personally, I'm happy for them and they look really happy together.

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According to the couple, they weren't let go because they had an affair (it was more about their relationship being public knowledge) and they claim that both their marriages were over before they got caught in Ulster County.

But this is where the story now takes another twist.

Holmes, Robach Exes Now Dating

Page Six is now reporting that Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue, the exes of Holmes and Robach, have now found themselves in a relationship of their own. Talk about a Uno Reverse Card! Ouch.

Allegedly Fiebig has unfollowed her ex TJ and his new boo Amy on Instagram. Sounds pretty official to me. The timing of the story is wild too considering the TJ and Amy podcast dropped this week.

Do what you want with that information and be on the lookout for Fiebig and Shue in Ulster County. Wouldn't that make this revenge-like story so much juicier?

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