What type of cup do you drink your favorite beverage out of? Can you believe that is now a status symbol?

If you haven't been following the new trends in the new year you might not be aware that for some reason the cup that you carry around with you filled with whatever it is you like to drink has now apparently become another thing some might be judging you on.


Stanley Cups

Honestly, I hadn't heard about a Stanley Cup until a couple of months ago when my teenage daughter corrected me when I called the thing she was drinking water from a cup. Yup, I called it a cup and she quickly corrected me and said it's a "Stanley Dad!" Sorry!!!...LOL! I had no idea how big these cups have gotten over the last few months, so big that apparently a special edition Stanley cup caused commotion at a few Target stores recently.

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Special Edition Stanley Cup

Numerous videos started spreading on social media a few weeks ago showing a bunch of people waiting in line to buy the pink and red Starbucks/Target tumblers. The $50 cups were part of a Valentine's Day promotion between the two companies and after quickly selling out many folks began searching online to try and find one with some saying they found them for over $100. That might sound crazy to some but apparently, many of us have a brand we love for our beverages and might not even be aware of it...LOL!

Jennifer Cenova/Facebook
Jennifer Cenova/Facebook


After all of this cup talk, I realized that I too am a brand-specific cup user. I drink a ton of coffee and for many years have always used a 20oz Yeti tumbler for my coffee. I had no idea that others might judge me and think because I use a Yeti, I'm part of the "in" crowd! That couldn't be further from the truth....LOL! I simply use a Yeti because it always keeps my coffee hot and never leaks, that's it, there is no status symbol here...LOL!


Hot & Cold Cups. Is There a Difference?

One thing I never do with my Yeti cups? I never put anything cold in them, I only use them for hot beverages. Some might find that weird but according to many fans in the Hudson Valley, many cup users have specific things they drink out of specific cups. The most common thing we've heard so far is that cold drinks are for Stanley cups and hot drinks are for Yeti's.

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If you use these types of cups do you have a specific way you use them? What type of cup do you use? We would love to hear from you. Text us using our station app above and be as specific as you can as we might use your "routine" for a future story.

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