Fall and weddings go hand-in-hand in the Hudson Valley. But, is cake smashing a bride disrespectful?

Fall across many parts of New York has become one of the most popular times of the year for couples to say "I do". There are a bunch of reasons why including great weather, fall colors, and a bunch of great venues, (10 of the best Hudson Valley fall venues below). I'm not sure if the time of year has anything to do with the timing of the question we were recently asked or not but figured we would give married couples, wedding professionals, and almost anyone who's been to a wedding a chance to help out a groom-to-be with an issue he is struggling with.

Canva/Richard Otero
Canva/Richard Otero

Smashing Cake in my Bride's Face?

Brian sent us a message last week asking that simple question. Here's what he wrote,

"Guys, I getting married to the love of my life the weekend after Thanksgiving, and over the last few weeks every time my bride-to-be and I talk about the reception I think about the cake-cutting part of the night. I've been to a few weddings before and every time it's cake time none of them smash cake in each other's faces anymore??? Is this the new normal? I'm planning to do this to my bride later this month but now I'm second-guessing myself. Before I go and make her mad, is it disrespectful to cake smash?"

Richard Otero
Richard Otero

Fun or Disrespectful to Cake Smash a Bride?

That's the question we asked earlier this week to try and find the answer for Brian and as far as the Hudson Valley is concerned if it's not talked about beforehand, it's a disrespectful thing to do. Out of the hundreds of messages we received a few stood out including Stephanie's,

"Disrespectful. Especially if it is agreed upon beforehand that it won't be done...then it happens. Clearly. I'm still bitter..and. Divorced."


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Cher said,

"not a good way to start a marriage (DISRESPECTFUL!!!)"

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What do you think? Is it fun or disrespectful to do the cake smash at your wedding reception? Send us your thoughts through our station app above and check back here soon to see if we added your comments.

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