No doubt we have all lost something of value at one point or another. I once left my entire Filofax on a New York City train. I also once left my wallet at the Roscoe Diner. Fortunately, as I grew up I learned not to randomly set things down. Let's face it that's how lots of stuff goes missing which is most likely what happened to the New Paltz couple who lost their wedding photos.

In both cases, I got my things back pretty quickly. One because I always had my phone number in things and two because a good samaritan helped me out. In the case of this couple, their camera equipment was turned in to the police.  It may surprise you how many people turn things into lost and found at the local police department.

New Paltz Police Department Post Lost Wedding Photos

It's apparent that this couple didn't know what had happened to their camera or their pictures or they would have probably claimed them sooner. Over the weekend the Town of New Paltz Police Department shared photos they found in Camera equipment that was turned into the police department a few years ago. The purpose of the post was to hopefully find the happy couple and return their memories.

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Town of New Paltz Police Department via Facebook Lost Camera
Town of New Paltz Police Department via Facebook

Law enforcement is only required to hold on to lost equipment for a period based on its value. Recently when the department was disposing of the equipment they found the memory cards that contained pictures from a wedding that appeared to have happened on July 13th, 2018.

New York Detective Returns Lost Wedding Photos

The post that the Town of New Paltz Police put together shared a picture of the bride and groom. The goal was to hopefully find out these people. The hope was this bag of equipment found at a gas station was a couple that someone knew locally.

Town of New Paltz Police Department via Facebook
Town of New Paltz Police Department via Facebook

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It only took about 24 hours for someone to recognize the couple, and tag them in the post, and from there the detective was able to return the big day photos to the happy couple.

Community Questions Why Property was Destroyed not Donated

Some of the comments on the post are concerned that the department destroyed the camera equipment. In reading the article I don't see where the police destroyed the property. It says they were in the process of destroying it.  I am hoping once they found the memory cards they held on to the property on the chance that they found the couple and could return the camera equipment and the photos. At the moment the Town of New Paltz has not replied to any of those public comments.

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