Winter just started but it feels like Hudson Valley residents have had to deal with snow more than in the past. That appears to be changing.

During the second week of January, many schools in the Hudson Valley only held classes for two days. That's because of Martin Luther King Jr Day and two snow days.


This week, many schools closed on Tuesday or had early dismissal. Many schools operated on a delay on Wednesday.

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Three-Day Weekend For Some Hudson Valley Students?

Late last week, there was speculation of another snow day for some in the Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley Meteorologist Ben Noll alerted his followers about another potential snowstorm.


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"I am monitoring the potential for a three-day weekend in the #HudsonValley (Sunday-Monday ❄️)," Noll tweeted.

Noll did say the big question is the temperature from Sunday into Monday. The temperatures ended up staying warm enough that most of the Hudson Valley dealt with rain rather than snow.

There were delays across the region but students and educators were probably disappointed for not getting to enjoy another snow day

No Snow For Weeks


Monday evening, Noll gave students and educators more bad news in terms of upcoming snow days. As of now, he doesn't see one in the forecast for some weeks.

"I am monitoring the potential for no additional snow days in the #HudsonValley until the second half of February," Noll tweeted.

The thing about the weather is forecast always changes. Especially when looking at an extended forecast.

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The Weather Channel has an extended forecast that goes until about mid-February. As of this writing, there's no snow in the forecast for the Hudson Valley.

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