A missing 11-month-old was found in an old steam tunnel shortly after over 120 officers found her Minnie Mouse blanket.

On Tuesday, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed the tragic end to a search for a missing child in its latest "DEC Forest Rangers - Week in Review."

Amber Alert For Missing Infant In Schenectady County

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Amber Alert Cancelled In Search For Missing Infant

Sadly, the Amber Alert was soon canceled. Halo was located during a search conducted by multiple agencies in the area of the General Electric campus.


At the time police didn't provide an update on the child's condition.

The New York State DEC later confirmed the child was soon pronounced dead

Private Land Recovery: City of Schenectady, Schenectady County

On March 10, the Schenectady Police Department requested Forest Rangers help in searching for the missing child.

The DEC was told the 11-month-old was last seen near the General Electric campus off of River Road.

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The child's mother was found in a building on the GE campus but did not know the location of her daughter, the DEC reports.

Halos' Minnie Mouse blanket was found nearby

Over 120 Officers Search For Missing Infant At GE Campus

Over 120 officers searched for Halo, including the FBI. First responders focused in the area between the blanket and the GE campus.

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A team of Schenectady Police SWAT members and a Forest Ranger soon found Halo in an old steam tunnel, the DEC states.

"The subject was rushed to the hospital where the infant was pronounced deceased," the DEC stated.

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