Many New Yorkers are being told to put their mask back on.

In October the CDC predicted a Tripledemic for New York State.

CDC Predicts "Tripledemic" For New York State

Drazen Zigic
Drazen Zigic

The CDC predicts that COVID-19, RSV and influenza will be impacting the New York healthcare system, much like it did last fall and winter.

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"Fall and winter are a time when viruses that cause respiratory disease usually circulate more heavily in the community. Before COVID-19, two viruses, flu and RSV, were the main causes of severe respiratory disease during this time of year," the CDC stated. "With the addition of a third virus (COVID-19) that can cause severe disease, even an average respiratory season can place significant strain on our healthcare system."

Tripledemic In New York State


In a statement before the holidays, New York State Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald confirmed a tripledemic.

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"Right now, New Yorkers are being exposed to RSV, COVID and Flu," he stated.

He did offer good news, there is a vaccine for all three.

"The good news is, I have a vaccine for you. We are fortunate that for the first time, we have three safe and effective vaccines that can provide protection from flu, COVID and RSV," McDonald said. "So, I encourage all New Yorkers to get vaccinated ahead of the holidays, so illness does not prevent you from enjoying your holiday celebrations with family and friends."

Mask Wearing Recommended


The New York State Health Commissioner also suggests many New Yorkers spend the holidays wearing a mask.

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"Be mindful of the effect of what seems like a harmless cold can have on older loved ones, and those with medical challenges. If you are experiencing symptoms of illness, such as fever, cough, sore throat, or runny nose, consider staying home or wearing a mask to avoid spreading that illness to your loved ones," McDonald added.

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Flu Is Widespread In New York State


Just before December, the New York State Department of Health classified the flu has "widespread" in New York State.

Shortly after, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said the flu was "prevalent" for the first time.

"Flu season is here again. And it has gone up – the number of flu cases in the State of New York is now defined as prevalent in the state, that's a new category," Hochul stated.

New COVID Variant Spreading In New York

ThinkStock/Wavebreakmedia Ltd
ThinkStock/Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Just before the holiday season, the CDC confirmed of a new COVID variant that started spreading across the nation and New York State.

The new variant is called JN.1. This new variant is another descendant of the Omicron variant. It's believed to be more contagious than other forms of COVID.

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