It looks like Taylor Swift puts butts in the seats even if Aaron Rodgers sits in them. Are you going to the game this weekend? Send us a picture of Taylor if she's there.

The NFL has been exploding in popularity in recent weeks. It has excelled beyond die-hard and casual sports fans. Rumors have been flying that Taylor Swift is dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce. The rumors were given far more creditability when she was seen at his game last week hanging out with his mother

The Chiefs are taking on The New York Jets this Sunday and everyone is speculating that Taylor will be in the crowd once again to watch the game. Will you be going to game to see the game or to try and find Taylor Swift?

  If she shows up I just hope she isn't a good luck charm. We need a victory.

Do you remember when Taylor Swift was dating actor Jake Gyllenhall and they were both spotted in Fishkill picking apples? They reportedly broke up shortly after their visit. Is visiting the Hudson Valley the kiss of death for celebrity relationships?

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