A Hudson Valley school district accidentally provided students with unsafe solar eclipse glasses.

Many took to the internet because their eyes hurt on Monday.

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Everyone who looked up to the sky during the eclipse was told to only do so with approved glasses.

Those who wanted to view the eclipse were advised to use a special pair of glasses to avoid eye damage.

Hudson Valley School District Hands Out Unsafe Solar Eclipse Glasses


All that makes this report from the Carmel Central School District more alarming.

Glasses provided by the school district's PTOs weren't safe for viewing the eclipse, the school district warned just a few hours before the eclipse.

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"The solar eclipse glasses provided by the KES and KPS PTOS may not be safe for viewing the eclipse," the school district wrote on X (formerly Twitter) Monday morning. "They are not on a list of approved glasses. Do not use them."

The school district also said an email was sent to parents and staff.

Carmel, New York Schools Closed On Monday

Google Maps
Google Maps

That's because the Carmel Central School District gave students and staff Monday off to enjoy the eclipse.

"Monday April 8 will be a give-back day and schools will be closed. A total eclipse of the sun is an extremely rare event. I want to encourage you to take advantage of this moment," the school district's interim superintendent said in a message to the community.

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Experts warned that looking at the sun without wearing protective eclipse glasses can burn the cornea which causes tearing and redness.

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