Yes, this really happened.

Back in 2001, an American couple made history when they wed in a submersible amidst the Titanic's wreckage. They won a contest held by a fledgling diving company and used one of the submersibles used during the filming of the 1997 Hollywood movie.

David Leibowitz and Kimberly Miller, both of New York, wore flame retardant suits and were forced to kneel inside the tiny deep sea vessel as they exchanged vows. The ceremony itself was conducted by Captain Ron Warwick from the operations room of the Russian research ship, Akademik Keldysh. After vows were exchanged, Warwick announced via hydrophone that they were now man and wife and could kiss.

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Subsee Explorer was the company that organized the once-in-a-lifetime contest expedition. The company reportedly was flooded with over 28,000 entries from fellow Titanic enthusiasts. Back in 2001, the cost per person to visit the Titanic was $36,000.


The couple faced their fair share of criticism for their costly wedding stunt. Many people considered it in poor taste and an insult to the 1,500-plus people who died on the legendary passenger liner. The wedding was denounced by the British Titanic Society as a tacky publicity stunt.

"We don't really view this as a gravesite. Still if you were to be married at a church, you'd have to treat that with reverence because you'd be near a graveyard, too." -David Leibowitz

The recent events with the missing Titan submersible has certainly highlighted the inherent dangers in attempting a Titanic visit... but still, if you had the chance to do what this New York couple did in 2001... would you?

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