Have you heard about New York State Prisoners being paid for being in jail? More specifically if a prisoner does work while they are incarcerated, they do earn a wage, they do earn money.

How much does a New York State Prisoner make per hour while they are 'a guest of New York State?' What is the Prison Minimum Wage Act and how could that change things for people who are behind bars? Here is what we found out when we were researching it.

How much does a prisoner in New York State make per hour?

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A prisoner who is incarcerated in New York State (on average) makes 62 cents per hour, as of April 2023, with according to the New York State Legislature, some prisoners making as little as 10 cents per hour or $3.00 per week. Other states like Nevada, Alaska, Maine, and Kansas where prisoners make $3 per hour.  

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What do New York State Prisoners do for jobs while in jail?

Prisoners can do jobs (and get paid for it, hourly) in the areas the manufacture of license plates, of janitorial supplies, and of office furniture, to name a few things that they can get paid for.

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What is the Prison Minimum Wage Law, and How Will it Affect NYS Prisoners?

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The Prison Minimum Wage Act, which is currently in committee in the NYS Senate, under bill #S2345, this would change the NYS Correction Law and amend it so prisoners would get $3 an hour wage for each hour worked, while they are incarcerated. Do you think that this bill will pass?

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