It's the return of the ducks! I'm not talking about those cute, real life ducks that we get to see that spend time near ponds and streams along the Hudson Valley. Hundreds of rubber ducks will soon be ready to race.

Vistors and locals will be able to partake in Hudson Valley duck derbies.

Why Will You See Rubber Ducks In Hudson Valley Waterways?


When was the last time that you saw rubber ducks in Hudson Valley waterways? This spring, you'll have the chance to experience this unique and fun event throughout our area.

Duck derbies are local events that bring together the community to participate in a race of rubber ducks on waterways.

What Are Duck Derbies?

Have you ever been to a duck derby before? Although I'm a Hudson Valley native, I have never been to a duck derby event before.

Tarrytown Rotary explained that duck derbies is a community event that has residents come out to a local park where they can enjoy the festivities on site.

Guests can watch duck races along with joining events, grabbing food from vendors, listening to music and more. 

The Cornwall Independence Day Committee are local volunteers who dedicate their time by organizing, planning and coordinating events for the community.

They explained that their duck derby consists of rubber ducks that compete in a race. These ducks are sponsored by local residents

It appears to be similar to how each organization runs duck derby events, it's possible that things could be slightly different depending on the group running it. Some organizations give winners their cash prize while other events are for charity purposes.

How Do Duck Derbies Happen?

Canva, Facebook, The Rotary Club of the Tarrytowns
Canva, Facebook, The Rotary Club of the Tarrytowns

The Cornwall Independence Day Committee continued to share that those who are interested can adopt a rubber duck. Each duck that gets adopted has a number, therefore the owner of the duck will know the number in order to be entered into a race.

Owners of these rubber ducks do not get to keep the ducks but do get to enjoy the run of watching them race and chance to win.

The Cornwall Independence Day Committee also shared that they receive assistance from Storm King Engine Company to help by using hoses to create motion in the waterway to help the ducks start their journey. There are individuals on canoes and boats that are of assistance to help any ducks who need guidance to stay on track.

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Where Can You Visit A Duck Derby Event In The Hudson Valley?

Rockland County, NY


Rockland Duck Derby will take place on August 18, 2024 in West Nyack, NY.

There will be a 9:30 start time at Germonds Park in West Nyack. NY. First prize will be $1,000 while second prize is $750 and third prize is $500. All ducks that are entered in the race will have a chance to win big as well, $1,000,000!

Rockland Duck Derby also shared

"They will race to support Good Samaritan Hospital, Rockland Meals on Wheels, Rockland Community Foundation and Jawonio"

Guests can choose their packages of rubber ducks and find out additional information on their website.

Orange County, NY

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

Vision of Wallkill's duck derby will take place on May 11, 2024 on the Wallkill River in Wallkill, NY. This is to help benefit Wallkill SR. High School's class.

This event will take place at 12pm and the race will begin at 3pm in Wallkill, NY.

Vision of Wallkilll shared the excitement that guests can watch thousands of rubber ducks at the Wallkill River at Popp Memorial Park.

There will be the fastest duck award given out along with a cash prize.

They are looking for volunteers who can help by using their kayaker skills to guide the floating ducks along the Wallkill River. Those who are interested can contact them by email.

Guests who want to adopt a duck can contact the Wallkill High School Senior Celebration Committee or a member of the local VOW.

There is a complete schedule of events that will take place at this duck derby event in Wallkill, NY.

Guests can find out additional information and adopt their ducks with Vision of Wallkill by visiting their website.

Westchester County, NY

attachment-Untitled design - 2024-04-08T000436.132

The Rotary Club of the Tarrytown shared that the Rubber Ducky Derby Day will happen on April 27, 2024 at 11am. This event is in collaboration with a local organization, the Tarrytown Family YMCA Healthy Kids Day.

They shared that this will benefit funds for their "Scholarships & Community Grants fund" which will go back to the community. This event first started in 2008 and continues every year.

The grand prize is $1,500. There will also be local vendors on site, food trucks, music, bouncy castles and more.

Additional information about this event and to purchase rubber ducks can be done by visiting their website.

Will youa ttend any of these duck derby events in the Hudson Valley? Tell us more below.

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