So you are going through Grandma's house and you are trying to decide what to sell for the estate, and you find it. The 'it' being random rhino tucks, rhino horns. You have decided that they are just not something that you want to hang on to, but what do you do with them?

Are the horns worth anything? Who would want them, and then you are faced with the whole question of "Is it actually legal to sell these things in New York State?"

Can you legally sell Rhino Tusks in New York State?

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Is it legal to sell? In 99.9% of the instances it is not legal to sell Rhino tusks/horns or Ivory. It has been illegal to sell these items since August of 2014. There are a few instances where you can do this legally, but it will take a few steps to cross it into the "legal" realm.

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When and how can you legally sell Rhino Tusks or Horns in New York State?

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While there is a process to be able sell or even display for sell rhino tusks and ivory tusks, you can do it if you get New York State approval. The first step is going that you are going to need to apply for a permit, a permit that you will get from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. According to the NYS DEC siteany sale, offer for sale, purchase, trade, barter or distribution that occurs in whole or in part
within New York is prohibited without a permit from DEC.

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