Do you have what it takes? Hudson Valley residents can share their creative and artistic skills with a new competition happening in the Hudson Valley.

When chosen, the masterpiece created will have a permanent home on historic grounds in Ulster County, NY.

The City Of Kingston, NY Issued Press Release About The Post Office Park Monument

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

On March 1, 2024 a press release came from the City of Kingston, NY. This press release was to provide information to the public about Kingston, NY's Mayor, Steven Noble and how he launched competition for the Post Office Park Monument.

Noble made this announcement in the press release, including that the official launch of a Small Monument Competition would be involved with the construction that is taking place within Kingston, NY. The Post Office Park which is located at Broadway and Grand Street in Kingston, NY would be where this monument would call home.

In the press release, Noble stated that they are "thrilled to launch the Small Monument Competition". Artwork such as a statue, sculpture and more are considerations of what will be installed on their continued construction of Kingston, NY's park.

What Existed On The Historic Grounds Of The New Post Office Park In Ulster County, NY?

Previously, a post office was built in the early 1900's before it was torn down in the 1970's. On the same grounds, the Post Office Park and this new monument will be placed.

Noble also explained,

"The City of Kingston has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to gather proposed concepts for a monument or sculpture design, which would be fabricated and permanently installed in Post Office Park."

It's suggested to applicants to pay a tribute to the post office that existed on the park grounds. 

Noble continued to share,

"Post Office Park’s design/construction plans include two 3 feet by 3 feet round cement pedestals for the support of artwork. "

Phase 1 of the design of the Post Office Park is set to be constructed in 2024.


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Who Can Apply To Design A Monument For The New Post Office Park In Kingston, NY?


Kingston, NY is seeking proposals from those who are interested in the process of adding a monument to the Post Office Park.

Noble included that these proposals can come from individuals, they could also be from partners and companies as well. Additional candidates can also include designers, fabricators, sculptors, architects and more.

The request for proposals can be found with the City of Kingston.

The deadline for this competition is on Wednesday, May 1, 204. The City of Kingston, NY's Post Office Park Small Monument Competition winner can be expected to be officially announced in June of 2024.

Additional information about the Post Office Park Small Monument Competition can be found with the City of Kingston, NY.

What Do Hudson Valley Residents Think About Kingston, NY's Newest Park?

The City Of Kingston made an announcement on social media in December of 2023.

94.3 Lite FM shared that the City of Kingston, NY stated,

"After a community input process, the name for the greenspace at Broadway and Prince Street chosen by the public is: Post Office Park. "

There was an open call to the public where residents were asked to assist with choosing a new name for the historic green space in Kingston, NY.

There were over 33 reactions, 17 comments and 2 shares about the City of Kingston's Facebook post in regards to Post Office Park.

Here's what the community had to say.

"This park in the center of a four way traffic pattern is an absolute recipe for another Bicycle, or Pedestrian tragedy. This is an extremely busy, and confusing intersection, which will only lead to more driver, cyclist, and pedestrian confusion. "


"It should have been named “very expensive park”


"I like planet wings better"


"That intersection continues to be's gotten worse since the redesign with vehicles blocking access to Grand Street."


"It really says everything you need to know that the City has asked about this dumb park name like 10 times, but when it comes to bad development or redesigning residential streets they'll have one public hearing that they barely whisper about. Such backward priorities."

What are your thoughts on the new Post Office Park in Ulster County, NY? Will you apply to design a monument that will be placed on historical grounds in Kingston, NY? Share more with us below.

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