The Hudson Valley is the home to many people, historical places and popular businesses.

Hudson Valley natives are familiar with hidden gems to visit and the best views to explore. While we are used to the Hudson Valley roads and scenery, we may also become used to the smells that we experience in our area.

During the spring months, I always get excited to smell the fresh cut grass and fresh flowers and plants blooming along with someone's barbeque grill outdoors. The smell of certain scents in the Hudson Valley may be something that natives don't think twice about but if visitors were to stop in, they might have questions.

Do You Know Of The Unexpected Place You Should Visit In NY That Smells Like Onions?

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

For Hudson Valley locals, smelling onions in a specific area just makes sense. However, for visitors who drive through this Hudson Valley town, they may wonder what the smell is and where it is coming from.

Driving throughout the Black Dirt Region in Orange County, NY, visitors may have questions of what the smell in the air would be.

Recently, I had the opportunity to smell onions on my way to a farm in the Hudson Valley. I quickly remembered that I was in an Orange County town where onions are the everyday smell and that this is normal.

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Why Does The Black Dirt Region Area In The Hudson Valley Smell Like Onions?

Canva, YouTube, PICOC PineIsland
Canva, YouTube, PICOC PineIsland

The Pine Island, NY Chamber of Commerce shared information about the Black Dirt Region and its history in New York state.

The Town of Warwick is where the hamlet of Pine Island, NY is located. This area may also be referred to as the Black Dirt Region.

They shared,

"Today, the fertile black dirt farming region, located in Orange County, NY, consists of thousands of very flat acres of deep and richly organic soil, dissected by rivers, drainage ditches, and farm roads."

It's mesmerizing to see beautiful farmland and miles of acres throughout the Black Dirt Region. It reminds me of how hard our local farmers work to provide for the community.

What Hudson Valley Town Has The Weirdest Smell?


After experiencing the smell of onions in Pine Island, NY, I questioned what other smells I have also experienced in our area.

A poll was taken on WRRV's Facebook asking,

"What Hudson Valley town has the weirdest smell? "

Over 13 Facebook users and Hudson Valley locals shared their opinions of which Hudson Valley town has the weirdest smell.

"At times, the Newburgh waterfront area smells interesting "

"Middletown - it either smells like weed or whatever batch of weird smells the Bell Factory is making "


"Washingtonville always smells like popcorn"


"Kingston waterfront restaurants are all built next to an open air waste water treatment plant so..."


"Monroe / Kiryas Joel"




"Uniontown smells like "

The overall opinion of Facebook users and Hudson Valley residents is mixed from Kingston to Washingtonville, Middletown, Ellenville and more.

It’s clear that these comments were based on personal experiences, which can be funny as well.

Have You Smelled This Before In The Hudson Valley?


During the spring and summer months, we may experience acres of beautiful farmland here in the Hudson Valley. At times, these areas could produce a smell of cow manure. While some people may be disgusted by the smell, others can consider this a smell of home and/or summertime in the Hudson Valley.

Soon enough, we'll be experiencing the smell of fresh cut grass with spring right around the corner.

The Old Farmers Almanac prediction for spring 2024 has been released. The weather predictions and countdown to the first day of spring will make Hudson Valley residents who don't enjoy winter, very excited for what's on it's way.

What Hudson Valley town do you think has a weird smell? Tell us more below.

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