Well, we sure didn't get a White Christmas for 2023, but as soon as the ball dropped for New Year 2024, the snow came piling on! It sure felt like winter last weekend as the Hudson Valley received up to 18 inches of snow in some areas.

Dutchess County saw an average of a foot of snow. LaGrange got hit the hardest in the county with its 16.7 inches of snow. As for Orange County, they were just shy of getting a foot with most places recording 9-10 inches of snow. Those extra couple of inches really make a difference when you're shoveling the wet and heavy snow. Ulster County got hit even harder than Dutchess and Orange Counties. Areas in Ulster received 14-18 inches, including Milton, Olive, and Esopus. Highland and Kerhonkson were among the lucky towns in the county to report 10 or under.

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Yeah, with that much snow, people weren't going anywhere. So what do you do when you have a snow day? Snow days aren't just for kids, they are are such a nice break from the norm for adults, as well. It is an escape from work and an excuse to enjoy some guilty pleasures that you may not normally have the chance to indulge in.

Over the weekend, I asked listeners to let me know how they were enjoying the snow day. I was able to read off a few responses on air, but I wanted to highlight all the fun things everyone was up to! And go ahead and share this link if your response made the list below!

Hudson Valley's Top 10 Ways to Enjoy a Snow Day

People like my friend Stew S on Facebook were "Listening to WRRV all day" during January's first snowstorm. He knew what's up! Other folks in the Hudson Valley found other ways to stay busy. Did your response make the list? Share the link and let us know!

Gallery Credit: Conor Walsh

January 9th Hudson Valley Flood Footage

The Hudson Valley was hit with another storm that brought high winds and heavy rains, leaving much of the area under water, yet again.

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Alex from All Time Low Plays WRRV Sessions December 2023

Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low took time on his birthday to play an amazing show at Newburgh Brewing Company for WRRV Sessions

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