We hear the ominous stories about a long winter ahead amid a resurging COVID-19 pandemic. So, if worse comes to worse, and you're stuck indoors for the holidays, you might as well live it up. Who said there's not enough Christmas Spirit around?

Fox is reporting that Jameson whisky is offering a chance for you to win a limited edition whiskey tree for your living room. The trees are nearly 9 feet tall, so they're going to really attract a lot of attention. What are they worth? Try $5000 dollars each.

The tree even lights up, as the whisky company says they're installed with “a lighting system that makes the 130 – empty! – Jameson bottles light up brighter than any yule log fire.”.

Seven lucky winners will have one of these suckers right in their own home, which will surely lighten up your space. They'll even be put together by Jameson's very own specialists who will come to your home, so you won't have to assemble one of these monstrosities. You have until November 20 to enter. If you win, you won't have to wait long. Jameson promises that you'll have one of these trees at your place by early December.

Jameson also said they'll throw in a $45 dollar gift card so you can get a bottle of Jameson and really make the holidays lit. Oh, just one thing. the bottles on the tree are empty. Damn. Over one hundred full bottles of whisky all balanced on a single tree could get dicey. Especially when people start helping themselves. That could leave quite a mess if it all tipped over.

Enter to win. Why not? You have nothing to lose.

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