If Tom Hardy wrestling with an inner alien parasite in what is clearly a thinly-veiled metaphor for his relationship with his own voice isn’t enough for you, try this one on for size: Jared Leto, the Actor whom Denis Villeneuve once compared to Jesus, is preparing to ascend to his final form for Morbius — an upcoming Spider-Man sorta-kinda spinoff about a super-powered soulless bloodsucker. Should be a real stretch!

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the erstwhile Juggalo Joker has signed on to headline Morbius for director Daniel Espinosa, who most recently directed Life — which leads me to believe that someone at Sony really bought into that ridiculous Reddit theory claiming that Life was a stealth prequel to Venom.

The artist formerly known as Jordan Catalano will play the title character, an antihero whose full name is Morbius the Living Vampire. Perhaps the role will offer Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto a brief respite from the agonizing effort required by his well-known dedication to Method Acting. A long-haired immortal with superhuman powers and a thirst for blood is, after all, not much of a leap from a rock star who models himself as an eccentric hipster Jesus with a proclivity for brocaded silks.

In addition to Morbius, it was also recently reported that Warner Bros. is developing a solo Joker film for Leto — who is said to have been displeased with that other Joker movie from Todd Phillips. You do not want to disappoint Jared Leto. He is, after all, the kind of man who sends his co-stars used condoms and pig fetuses…and that’s when he’s in a good mood.