Jason Biggs will forever think twice before his grabs his phone and “starts tweeting”. Jason Biggs is now apologizing for an ill-timed joke about Thursday's Malaysian Airlines disaster. The "American Pie" actor originally fired back at critics with a series of profanity-filled tweets but has since deleted those and his initial offending tweet about the tragedy. In a four-part apology on Twitter, Biggs said he was sending positive thoughts to the victims and their families sharing that he now realizes that his comments may have come off as "insensitive" and "ill-timed." Biggs, who stars in the critically-acclaimed Netflix hit "Orange Is The New Black," initially tweeted a joke that asked, "Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?" The tweet came just an hour after it was reported that Malaysian Airline Flight 17 may have been shot down by a missile over the Eastern Ukraine.