I should preface this article by saying, as a kid, I had Jeff Jarrett's action figure. Like any young male of the 90s, I was a fan of the "Attitude Era" of wrestling, and he was a big part of that. He was tag team champions with Owen Hart! He was the Intercontinental Champion like 5000 times!

Plus, he basically comes from a family of wrestling royalty, has started successful wrestling promotions with his father, and continues to be a major force in the world of professional wrestling.

So, naturally, when he actually asked to call my show, I was nerding out in a major way. It's pretty cool. I mean, I'd asked the promotion if I could talk to another wrestler, Colt Cabana, to promote the show; he seems like a cool, funny guy and I really like his podcast.

But to end up talking to Jeff Jarrett--a guy who has accomplished so much in the industry--has got to be awesome right?


Maybe I should have realized that the guy who literally wore shirts that said "Don't Piss Me Off" for a big part of his career might not be the most jovial guy when it comes to cracking jokes about his penchant for hitting guys with guitars. I have the guy on our show to promote his event. You'd think he'd be a little more pleasant. Here's the interview:

I'd be lying if I said he was the first person who began to hate me within 5 minutes of meeting me. Hell, that's probably happened already this week. But I mean, come on, dude. Chill.

You can check out the show coming to the Mid-Hudson Civic Center next Friday. There's a lot of talent--some fan favorites like Colt Cabana, Christina Von Eerie, Sonjay Dutt, Bobby Roode, Mickie James, and more will be in action. Plus maybe Jeff Jarrett will get knocked around a little bit.

Here's a pretty rad video of what you can expect: