Easter may be over, but the chaos and the fun doesn't have to stop. Just check out this story for instance: a man got into a fist fight with the Easter Bunny. Check out the video below.

Now, after we went on-air with this story, more details emerged; it turns out that this guy had beef with the bunny because the Easter Bunny dropped his kid. Look, I wasn't there, so I can't comment specifically on how it went down, but I have a hard time believing that the Easter Bunny intentionally harmed this kid. I mean, those gloves can't be easy to work with; they weren't really designed with function in mind, especially not when it comes to handling squirming, uncomfortable children in the throes of terror after seeing a gigantic anthropomorphic rabbit.

I'm not saying the bunny wasn't careless, but I also don't think he spiked the kid off the ground like Gronk after a touchdown. But hey, who knows? Maybe the Easter Bunny deserved to get into a fight.