Jetski found after the Hudson Valley works together.

Having nice things can sometimes come with a bit of risk as some feel that they are entitled to take things that don't belong to them. I don't think these jetski thieves had any idea how well the Hudson Valley is at finding stolen property with the help of social media.

What Happened...

Back on July 11th at 3:17 p.m., one Middletown woman, Rae, had her yellow 2019 Seadoo rxpx300 jetski and trailer stolen right out of the driveway. We spoke to Rae about the theft and she told us that when she realized that the jetski had been stolen from the driveway, she looked at her home security video and "saw a 2016 jeep Cherokee sport hooking up and peeling out of the driveway with it".

After watching the video, Rae told us they couldn't get a plate number or anything, "at that point, we had absolutely no Intel on the situation and we legitimately thought that it was gone forever."

Not sure what to do next, Rae went to social media and posted the video of the theft and before you know it, she was overwhelmed with information, "I’ve never seen anything like it, my phone was ringing off the hook with information".

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Vehicle of Intrest

She told us, "Multiple members in the community started sending me little pieces of the puzzle, including a tip that the same exact car hit a house in PINE BUSH the day before unsuccessfully because the daughter of the residence came home while they were actively hooking up their trailer. They fled the scene and she snapped a picture of the plate on the car." The picture provided her with the vehicle that allegedly stole the jetski, a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Sport with a Pennselyvaia license plate # LNG 3518.

Jetski Found Quickly

Rae told us that the New York State Police located the jetski within one hour of me making the post on social media. She told us, "after receiving a tip from somebody driving by that they saw a yellow JetSki on the side of the road in the woods on Kohler Road in Greenville. I called in that tip and sure enough there it was, unharmed." She went on to say, "it looked like they dumped it or stashed it there to come back for it later." Not this time!! An amazing example of Hudson Valley residents helping each other!

The suspects have yet to be located but local police are currently investigating. If you have any information please contact the NYS Police Troop F at 845-344-5300.

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