It may have taken a lot of love and care and almost a year for it to become official but it seems that Al CaPony finally has his forever home. He arrived in the Hudson Valley a fuzzy wild mess. He had trust issues and needed a haircut.

Less than a year later we are happy to update this story and let you know that Al CaPony has officially been adopted. Earlier today (December 30, 2022) Equine Rescue Resources Inc announced via its Facebook page that Al has found his home.

Since I originally shared l's story I have checked in every so often to see how he was making out. In the early days, it was all about him learning to trust and working with a trainer. Al has come a long way and I am glad to see that his journey through 2022 has ended on a great note.

PC: Equine Rescue Resource via Facebook
PC: Equine Rescue Resource via Facebook

Al CaPony and Two Minis Wrangled in Pennsylvania, Find Homes in New York

The Original Story of AlCaPony's Journey to the Hudson Valley

As we all know, there is always a good story behind an animal that has been rescued. But this is the first time I think I was ever so drawn in by a name and a photo that I want to know the whole story.

So many animals are looking for homes or are in need of rescue. You can't look at social media these days without seeing something that will pull on your heartstrings, but Al CaPony is not looking for any sympathy. He is a bit too sassy for that from what I can tell from his story. It is my impression that he didn't think he needed rescue at all but now that he is starting to see how good life can be on the inside, he may have a change of heart.

Al CaPony capture my attention on the Equine Rescue Resource Inc (ERR) Facebook page earlier this week. They are a rescue located in Pine Bush, New York. I realized when I saw the first photo I had come in on the middle of his journey, so I trolled back through the Facebook posts and realized I had to reach out to get his story. ERR was kind enough to get back to me with the story I am about to share with you.

Why is Al CaPony in the Hudson Valley

Al's journey to Pine Bush began in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania where he was living in a herd of approximately 40 miniature horses. The herd was being downsized by a good samaritan who was helping the elderly man who had cared for the miniatures reduce the number on his property. Al and a few of his pasture mates had been rounded up and were in need of a home.

What's a Gun got to do with it?

Al, along with his fellow miniatures, was being held at the good samaritan's home while places were being found for them to live. The plan to bring Al and two of his friends to ERR was in the works when tragedy struck. One of the horses on the farm was shot by a stray bullet which resulted in the pickup of Al CaPony and his buddies ahead of schedule.

PC: Equine Rescue Resource Inc via Facebook
PC: Equine Rescue Resource Inc via Facebook

On November 7th, 2021 ERR, with some help from rescuer friends in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, made the way to where Al CaPony was staying. The next step was coordinating all veterinary care and health papers. They were able to get that all done on November 8th, 2021. There was a lot involved due to the fact that the miniatures were basically wild, but in the end, it worked out. Of course, Al and his buddy Jesse the miniature might disagree being that part of their new healthcare plan resulted in them being gelded.

The Happy Trio took three weeks to get to Pine Bush

Al and Jess came with a gal pal. Her name is Lucy. Lucy who suffers from an old eye injury also happens to be pregnant. As you can imagine, these wild ones were sure of their new surrounding, and they still had one more trip to make to ERR in Pine Bush. It took 3 weeks but when the Vet's paperwork came back, they were good to go. That was the day Al CaPony got his "bad boy gangster" behavior reputation and the name changed. Jesse and Lucy got to keep the original names.

They Lived Happily Ever After ... The End ... nope

You could say the rest is history, but the story has really just begun for these three. Jesse has been adopted and is living in his new home in Sullivan County. Lucy is still in Pine Bush at ERR. She will need surgery to remove her bad eye, but that will have to wait until after her foal is born. And as for Al CaPony, he is still in rehab but it is going well.

According to the information I received from ERR, a wonderful lady named Amanda Whitemore who was at ERR assisting their vet and farrier has offered a training board to Al. This means he has a great home and will continue to make progress in learning to trust humans and all the farm brings to his new life.

Will There be Other Gangster Miniatures?

In case you are wondering if there will be more of Al's friends at Equine Rescue Resource the answer is most likely, they have been contacted about rescuing more once they can be rounded up. If you would like to help support Al and all the other efforts at Equine Rescue Resource Inc in Pine Bush follow them on Facebook. They are a 501(c)3 founded in 1999 to help horses in need.

Here is Al Capony's Journey in Pictures

Al Capony Now Lives in Pine Bush New York

Al Capony and a few of his crew have set up shop in New York after fleeing Pennsylvania. The great folks at Equine Rescue Resource are helping the miniature herd get homes in the Hudson Valley

Equine Rescue Resource was the Home of Murphy

Murphy the Old Horse Who Loved Guinness

Most of us were introduced to Murphy last November when Manhattan Beer Distributors donated him a supply of Guinness to help him thrive. Thanks to them and all the great folks who cared for Murphy over the years he had a great life. Equine Rescue Resources was Murphy's last home and we found these photos on their Facebook page.