Jolt Cola is making a return to store shelves but you'll only be able to get it from just one Hudson Valley store. Dollar General will be the exclusive distributor and it's only going to be a limited run. According to, September 21st will mark its return after seven years in hibernation.

Jolt was first produced in 1985 and is considered to be a pioneer in the energy drink craze. The drink was originally produced in Rochester, New York. With a slogan like, 'All The Sugar, Twice The Caffine', you knew what you were getting into when you cracked open a Jolt.

16 ounce cans will be available until September 21st, 2018 for, you guessed it, just a dollar. Will you be running off to your local Dollar General to pick up a can or two?

These two guys spend way too much time reviewing Jolt Cola first hand.