This is a case of when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Recently there have been posts online and on social media (maybe you saw them on Facebook) that is saying Dollar General is giving away coupons worth $150 in honor of their 150th anniversary.

Sound too good to be true? When you click on the item, it is asking you to take a short survey to get your coupon. When you are done with the survey it says something to the effect of you are now going to get your coupon. Of course it is not real.

Here is what Dollar General had to say, from their Facebook page:

Please don’t click on the link because it isn’t real. This is not a Dollar General program and these coupons are not accepted at any Dollar General Location. Thank you for bringing this fake coupon to our attention!

Have you seen this survey offering you a $150 Dollar General coupon? PS Dollar General first opened in 1939, which would make them 79 years old, not 150.


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