There's a new form of etiquette I think we need to address.

Where do you put your masks when you sit down at the table? The only appropriate place is you pocket. Anywhere else is just a poor display of manners.

We've been wearing masks for more than a year now and we've adopted some new habits. Some habits aren't so pleasant. Grabbing a mask has become second nature for many of us. I feel like there's an issue that's bothered me from the beginning that has been building up this entire time.

Once restaurants reopened we had to start wearing our masks inside the establishment only to take them off again once we sat down at our table.

I know we might not want any more rules than we already currently have but I think there are still some that we might need to make common practice. Maybe these can be unwritten rules then.

I don't know if it's unhealthy but it sure is gross. I'm talking about sitting down and putting your mask on the dining table or bar top.

You don't do it with anything else in your possession so why would you think it's okay for your disgusting mask to rest on the table or the bar counter? We've established that putting things on the dining table at your home or a restaurant is rude. Things like hats, keys and cell phones have no place on the dinner table and I don't think masks should either. I can't be alone here.

Have you seen someone do this in public? Does it drive you crazy?

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