There was a lot happening in 1999. On the eve of the millennium, the Euro currency was created, the file sharing platform Napster was unveiled, and you could sit down for a snack at your local Kmart department store.

Sometimes a bit of nostalgia just smacks you over the head, and you're instantly transported back to a place in your mind that had laid dormant for years. When was the last time you thought about the Kmart Cafe?

Vampire Robot via YouTube
Vampire Robot via YouTube

Memories of Kmart

Personally, my most unforgettable memory of Kmart wasn't the food, but rather when I was confused for a kidnapping victim. My friend and I were on a shopping trip with his mother when the big screen TVs stole our attention. The next thing we knew, police had shown up, our names were being called over the intercom, and we found my friend's mom pacing at the registers, convinced we had been lured away by a stranger in a van. But why would we leave for candy when the Kmart Cafe was so close nearby?

Retro Kmart Cafe in New York

The Kmart Cafe (or K Cafe for the department store savvy) was unexpectedly pulled out of my memory depths by a recent Facebook post. A photo of the beloved eatery was accompanied by a simple caption: "Ah, the memories". They weren't the only one.

Vampire Robot via YouTube
Vampire Robot via YouTube

Memories of the Kmart Cafe in New York

"Slushies and pretzels!", one commenter wrote. "So true!!! I worked in the little deli at the front of KMart and our families acted like we hit the jackpot when I'd bring home the end-of-day 1/2 priced subs. Simple, happy times", added a former employee. Check out the video below and take a tour of Kmart in 1999. Make sure you stick around until the end to see the cameo of the infamous cafe.

The video (above) provided by the Vampire Robot YouTube channel offered an interesting caption, asking, "Perhaps only die-hard Kmart fans will find this interesting?" I would lovingly reply with a hearty "no". Nearly any trip down memory lane, especially one where we get to see retro style and cherished relics from a bygone era, is worthy of a watch in my book. Check out some more fun nostalgia below.

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