Summer is here, and they are plenty of places to stay cool and swim in the Hudson Valley! New York may not be known for its coastal beaches, but we have an abundance of inland beaches. There are so many awesome fresh water alternatives than having to drive out of state to see a beach. Yes, the ocean and the boardwalks are amazing, but the Hudson Valley offers great scenic views, hiking trails, picnic areas, lovely towns, and more to go along with the refreshing swimming lakes and ponds.

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Now, there are many places in the Hudson Valley where people go swimming. Some of those places may not technically allow for swimming, even though people will still go and do it all the time. Based on my research and knowledge, I have gathered together 5 Hudson Valley lakes and ponds where swimming is allowed. Does that mean these are the only places in the Hudson Valley where swimming is totally allowed? No, but these are simply some awesome highlights for you to start with.

Lake Taghkanic State Park Facebook
Lake Taghkanic State Park Facebook

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These 5 Hudson Valley lakes and ponds allow for swimming, and you can see the glowing Google Reviews that folks left them. What do you think of these lakes? Have you ever been before? What other public swimming areas should be added to this list? Let us know through the app or on social media!

5 Best Hudson Valley Lakes & Ponds Where Swimming is Allowed

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