Do you wear your seat belt every time you get into a car or behind the wheel? Do you wear it every single time or just when you are thinking there is going to be a police officer pulling you over?

Is there a reason that you need to not wear your seat belt? A medical reason or a reason that you know is substantiated? Would you like to be able to legally not wear your seat belt? Is there legitimately a process that anyone could go through so you don't have to ever wear your seat belt again? Here's what we found out when we did a deeper dive into whether or not this is even a possibility.

Do you have to wear a seat belt in New York State while in the backseat?


Let's start with the backseat, who has to wear a seat belt in the back seat of the car? Yes, according to a law that was passed in New York State in 2020, if a person is not wearing their seat belt, in any spot in the car (even in the backseat) they are required to wear a seat belt and can be ticketed for it.

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Who legally can get away with not wearing a seat belt in New York State?

Seat Belt Should lie across the upper thighs and be snug across the shoulder and chest to restrain your child safely in a crash. It should not rest on the stomach area or across the neck or face.
Noel Hendrickson

You can legally not wear your seat belt if you are a rural letter carrier, riding on a school bus that was built before July of 1987, and if you have a medical exemption. The following is directly from the DMV drivers book, you "may be exempt from the seat belt law if your doctor certifies your condition and exemption in writing. Certification must be on the physician's letterhead and carried with you when you travel."

Knowing that you could potentially get pulled over, but have it covered with the medical letter, would you do it?

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