Do you find yourself planning multiple "fishing excursions" or fishing trips per year? Do you find that you need to get a fishing license every year? You can change that.

New York has a lifetime fishing license, how to get it?

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If you want to purchase a lifetime fishing license (or boating or hunting), you can do so through the DEC website.

What do you have to carry with you as proof of this lifetime fishing license in New York?

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You can carry the paper that you print out, or you can get it on your New York State driver's license the next time you renew it, or if you pay $12.50 to the DMV, you can get another driver's license in the mail with the fishing decal on it.

What happens if you pass away, can you transfer this lifetime New York State fishing license to someone else?

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Sort of. You can transfer your lifetime fishing license to a 'Qualified' New York State resident, but only if you were to pass away within one year of purchasing the lifetime, pass.

What happens if I lose my lifetime fishing license, can I get it replaced?

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If you opted to not get the decal put on your driver's license, but you lost your fishing license, yes, you can get a new one. It will cost you a couple of bucks, but you can get another one sent to you in the mail.

Are there any other 'Lifetime Licenses' available to New York State residents?

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Great question! Yes, there are other ones. New York State also offers lifetime hunting licenses, for certain types of prey, as well as bowhunting and trapping. For all the info, New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

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