If you were to take a look around at Limp Bizkit's 2023 concert debut, you certainly would have spotted Fred Durst and Wes Borland looking a little different than when we last saw them.

The band returned to the concert stage Thursday (March 30) in Munich, kicking off a rescheduled European trek and delivering a 24-song set that gave them a chance to really dig in on the music from their most recent album, Still Sucks.  In fact, you can catch the live debut of the song "Barnacle" below.

But, Fred Durst appears to have moved on from his "Dad Vibes" look with the wavy silver hair, rose colored glasses look. From its debut which include khaki pants and a brown windbreaker to its evolution with a blue onesie jumpsuit, backwards hat and a fu manchu mustache, Durst has once again changed things up with something a little more hillbilly-ish. In it's place was a white scruffy-bearded Durst donning blue denim bib overalls, a white plaid shirt with blue striping and a worn backwards red baseball hat, though during a backstage shot he was sporting a Steve Zissou-like red toboggan.

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Borland, meanwhile, has often kept a darker look in his stage appearance over the years. While last seen breaking from that a bit with a light suit, scarf and metal plated helmet, this iteration appeared to be a cross of a dark black suit with a dark but shiny metallic body armor for one shoulder and a facial helmet. Get a closer look below, as shared with a backstage Instagram photo and fan-shot live footage from the show.

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YouTube: Bizkitlivechannel

In addition to the live debut of "Barnacle," the show as notable for a guest appearance by Wargasm U.K.'s Sam Matlock on "Take a Look Around," which concluded the body of the performance. Check out the setlist in full below.

Their current European trek rolls through Europe and the U.K., wrapping up April 17 in London. Get your tickets here.

Limp Bizkit, "Barnacle" (Live Debut in Munich, Germany)

Limp Bizkit March 30, 2023 Munich, Germany Setlist (per Setlist.fm)

1. Out of Style
2. Pill Popper
3. Dirty Rotten Bizkit
4. Barnacle (live debut)
5. Hot Dog
6. Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)
7. I'm Broke
8. Counterfeit
9. Pollution
10. Gold Cobra
11. My Generation
12. Livin' It Up
13. My Way
14. Nookie
15. Full Nelson
16. Re-Arranged
17. Boiler
18. Take a Look Around (with Sam Matlock)


19. Behind Blue Eyes
20. Don't Change
21. Dad Vibes
22. Eat You Alive
23. Faith
24. Break Stuff

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