It starts with one ... and after issuing a three-song EP in January titled the Post Traumatic EP, Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda has confirmed work on a new solo album. The way in which Shinoda let the news come out was rather unique though, showing his love for the fans by dropping the news nugget at an impromptu gathering in Hollywood.

On Thursday (March 8), Shinoda took to social media, initially stating, "I feel like meeting up with you guys later tonight." He later added that he was in Los Angeles shooting a video and asked fans who were in the area if they wanted to drop by, then directing them to the old Tower Records lot off Sunset in West Hollywood.

According to a report on a Linkin Park fan site LP Live, Shinoda told the audience, "I love to make art and I love to make music, and one reason I get to do that is because of you guys. I am just really, really grateful for that." He went on to add, "I have been writing songs in the moment. As I went on, not every song was a sad song. And they've been about a lot of things. I've started to put them together and it looks like it'll be an album. It isn't an album about grief, but it starts there."

Those who made it to the impromptu shoot were also treated to one of Shinoda's new songs, as Shinoda requested that the fans turn their phones off then played the track via a Bluetooth speaker. The song was a personal track, but one that had some optimism. It was very catchy in nature and did not feature Shinoda rapping. However, he told the crowd that it would be a while before it surfaces as he's still working on music for the album.

As promised, some footage from the gathering was shot for an upcoming video for the album. And after meeting with the fans and sharing stories, Shinoda offered a nod of thanks via social media. An exact release date or timetable for the new album has not been revealed.

Though Shinoda has been working on a solo album, he did state in late January that Linkin Park have "every intention on continuing" after the death of Chester Bennington.

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