You may be thinking, “But there’s already a live-action Pokemon. It’s called Pokemon GO and it makes me take my dog on extra walks!” Yes, yes, but just in case your personal, semi-live-action experience with the latest app craze isn’t enough, those long-developing plans for a new Pokemon movie have gotten a little more developed as Legendary is making a push to secure rights to the hit game franchise.

Back in April, The Pokemon Co. held a private auction for the rights to develop a live-action Pokemon film based on the prolific anime and game series. Sony, Warner Bros. and Legendary were all locked in a bidding war — one that unfortunately probably did not resemble an actual game of Pokemon. We haven’t gotten an update since then, but now that Pokemon GO has taken over the phones of literally every person you know, it looks like Legendary is stepping up to the plate.

Per Deadline, the studio is working out a deal for the rights to the live-action film, and although that deal is not yet finalized, it’s closer to happening than it was a couple of months ago. But what happens if and when everyone gets bored of Pokemon GO in the next few months? Does Legendary still move ahead with their live-action Poke-film?

Again, it’s not entirely a done deal just yet, but thanks to all your tireless efforts to wrangle Pokemon in parking lots and parks (that you never even knew existed until last week), we may very well see this live-action movie happen sooner rather than later.