This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband, features a guy who likes to travel, has a sense of adventure, currently focused on completing a huge goal and he can make a good cup of coffee or a cocktail.

He recently became unemployed, because he has found his new passion. His need to catch ‘em all. My future husband this week is named Tom Currie, he is 24 and lives in New Zealand. He had been working as a barista and a bartender, when he became obsessed with Poke’mon Go.

Tom has been so obsessed that he left his job and is now full time focusing on Poke’mon hunting. He said that he has been working non-stop for the last six years and is really in need of a break, and that Pokemon gave him a chance to do that. Tom will be taking the next two months to travel around New Zealand trying to catch all the creatures in the game. As of this week, he already had 90 of the 151 Pokemon.

Will he be able to spare some of his attention for me, while he tries to catch them all? -Brandi