Let's be honest: it's hard to leave the house. Especially as the weather cools, even the most exciting plans can crumble with a simple suggestion to stay indoors where it's nice and cozy. Luckily, a Hudson Valley business owner has decided to do something that should have been done long ago.

The worst part of leaving the house is the unexpected. Where are we going to park? How late will we get home? To combat the what-ifs, a bar in Kingston recently impressed customers with a new tactic that is simultaneously genius and obvious... and it made everyone wonder "why isn't everyone doing this?"

Vershinin via Canva
Vershinin via Canva

The "Post Heard Around the Internet" from Tubby's in Kingston, NY

Tubby's in Kingston is a local bar that describes themselves as "a place to find great drinks, food, and live music". Recently, in advance of a performance from UK musician Gwenifer Raymond, Tuby's took to Instagram to do what (nearly) no venue had ever done before: give an accurate prediction for what patrons should expect from the night.

"Here’s my prediction on the evening at Tubby’s", the post began. "Mellow happy hour 4-6... Then there is a sold out show at UPAC this eve so it’ll be a bit nutty in the bar from like 6:45 until 8. Violent Femme fans depart and then Gwenifer starts playing at 8:30ish. 40 tickets sold so not too crowded but enough of a vibe to make it magik. No opening acts only Gwenifer. Post show Tubby’s turns into the classic Saturday night neighborhood bar". The play-by-play style of the post caught the attention of the bar's many fans.

Tubby's in Kingston, NY Maps Out Music Nights

"Most venues barely let you know when doors open. Always thankful to know when the artists take the stage", said one commenter. "Thanks for the description prediction, lovely!", expressed another. Recently, Tubby's took it a step further. The new post (below) helped map a more general guide to music nights at the bar.




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Tubby's Gains Fans with Instagram Post

So many patrons expressed such sincere gratitude that it raised an obvious question: why doesn't every venue do the same thing? The comments prove that the more someone knows in advance about an event, the more likely they'll actually attend. Posts like the ones from Tubby's helps both bar customers and music lovers, and businesses need every trick in the book to get patrons in the door.

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Hopefully some more bars (and theaters for that matter) will take note from Tubby's pioneering post. Shrouding events in mystery helps no one, especially those of us who only need the slightest hint that they could stay home instead.

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