It's been all about the celebrity sightings in the Hudson Valley lately.  With the number of movies and tv shows that have been shot in our area lately, you never know who you might see walking down the street, or even eating at your favorite restaurant.

I'm a SUNY New Paltz alum and part of their alumni facebook group, and over the weekend noticed a photo of LL Cool J with a caption that read "does anyone remember meeting him on campus in 1988?"  Hold on - LL Cool J was hanging out on MY campus back in the 80's?  I need more information.

I did a bit of digging as people began commenting, posting photos and memories of their LL interactions and here's what I found out.

Apparently, LL Cool J was dating a girl named Camille back in the late '80's, and would often visit campus to spend time with her.  Camille was a Resident Assistant on campus, and residents of the hall she lived and worked in shared that LL was really nice when he came to visit.  Some students remember him driving his Porsche right up to the front of the building and coming in with a big fur coat on, while others can't forget seeing him walking around campus shirtless.

Video Lopez Solero-Marrero, a resident of Deyo Hall at the time, recalls him walking from the dining hall with Camille:

As he passed Deyo people called his name and he said hello. There were many people following both of them.

Peter Zimmerman, a student at the time, shared the photo below of he and some friends with LL in the basement of Gage Hall.

Photo Credit: Peter Zimmerman. A tribute to the late great Lee Schlaff.
Photo Credit: Peter Zimmerman. A tribute to the late great Lee Schlaff.  L to R Lee Schlaff, Peter Zimmerman, Howie Hymowitz and LL Cool J.

In talking with Peter about his interactions on campus with LL Cool J, he noted the following:

We noticed the Porsche pull up in the back of Gage and made our way downstairs. There was LL just hanging out. Since the three of us were from Queens, we hit it off instantly with LL. We talked about his music and how often he gets to visit.

Other alumni shared that they heard about him visiting campus again in the early 2000's (when I was a student, whoa!) as he had a child that was interested in attending New Paltz, while another recalled him being at a basketball game on campus in 2008.


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