Do you even Tai Chi bro? Don't be fooled. There are a handful of bad ass old folks possibly roaming the streets in the Hudson Valley.

When I think of a senior citizen I think of the some old feeble geezer telling me about war stories and how they walked 15 miles to and from school. Well, my opinions are changing. We've got some bad ass old folks here in the area.

From the Poughkeepsie Journal, a local Tai Chi expert named Cherie Barnier is Poughkeepsie at the Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center. Although she does not accept new students she continues to teach students who she has had for up to 20 years.

They are doing Tai Chi for health reasons like to learn balance and to fight stress. The Mayo Clinic describes Tai Chi as being the gentle way to fight stress but do you know what else it teaches you to fight? It can be useful when having to defend yourself from young punks on the street or even your fellow elders who cheat at checkers and rummy.

Though Tai Chi has a very laid back stigma, do not be fooled grasshoper. Tai Chi Beginners describes Tai Chi as an excellent art form for self defense.