Police from the Hudson Valley are warning residents about a new telephone scam where a person is claiming to be with the US Treasury Department.

According to the Saugerties Police Department, people from all over New York State have received phone calls from a person claiming to be an agent with the US Treasury Department. The alleged agent advises the person that they owe money to the US Treasury Department and attempts to gain personal information. In most cases the alleged agent provides a number for the person to call back if they receive no answer.

Police are warning, Do Not Return these calls and Do Not provide anyone alleging to be with the US Treasury Department any of your personnel information over the telephone. The US Treasury Department and the IRS don’t ask for personal information over the phone.

If you believe you have received a scam phone call visit the New York State website to report the fraud. Recently Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned residents about a number of reported on-going phone scams.