Another week, another notification of a scam alert in the Hudson Valley.

On Monday, Wappinger Town Supervisor Richard Thurston was made aware of fraudulent calls apparently originating from the Wappingers main Town Hall Number, 845.298.4158, to a number of local residents.

Like many of the other recent phone scams, this one is also based around claims of money being owed, with callers claiming to be town officials/representatives, or even family members.

Those who may have information related to these incidents are urged to contact the Wappinger Town Supervisor at 845.297.2744, as well as the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office at 845.486.3800.  There is also a tipline that can be reached at 845.605.2583 or

In an announcement posted to the Town of Wappinger facebook page on Monday, residents have been reminded to use caution when receiving calls from unknown numbers.

Any official calls from the Wappinger Town Government are properly identified by our employees with their name, title, and what town business is being addressed.  We urge all Town residents to be mindful of these Town protocols and be sure to make sure that you are in fact speaking with a town representative.

In the same facebook statement, the Town of Wappinger, with guidance from the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office, provided some reminders for residents, especially those in the senior citizen population, to protect themselves from scams.

Back in May, some Hudson Valley residents were victim to a text-based scam, with scammers claiming to be from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Earlier in June, we were also warned about a recent rental car scheme that had people reserving cars from rental companies that simply don't exist.

Be aware when you receive calls from numbers you don't recognize, do your research if something feels off, use caution and report anything that appears to be a scam.

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