It must be the summer heat, cause it seems people have just lost their minds. You may have seen this out-all brawl break loose recently at New York pizzeria, as staff and customers threw down behind the counter. The footage of the scuffle was first posted on Reddit, but quickly went viral all over the internet, as it's one of the wilder fights we've seen in a while. FOX says one lower Hudson Valley man from West Nyack was arrested and charged with assault after the incident.

See the fight HERE. 

FOX says the fight broke out at Joe's Pizza in Brooklyn during the early morning hours of July 17. It is not clear from the footage exactly how or why the fight started, but you can see customers and staff throwing lefts and rights during the wild melee that went all over the place. Pizza paddles soon became weapons, and a cash register was even almost knocked over as the rumble continued.

One customer can be heard saying out loud, "Is this really happening?". Meanwhile, another wanted to know where their order was even amid the chaos. "I'm still waiting for my pizza, by the way." Another customer can be heard responding, "You're not getting it." The fight, which resembled something out of World Wrestling Entertainment, continued as the enthralled customers continued to record the carnage.

Unlike a lot of other public fights you see on YouTube, this one was actually pretty intense. Usually most taped scuffles, that usually end with a couple of clowns widely throwing haymakers and missing, as they slip and stumble around like fools, this fight pretty much delivered. It's kind of hard to keep up with all the action, or who's hitting who or what.

This wasn't the only fight between store employees and unruly customers caught on video recently. A wild fight at a Ohio McDonald's over a slushy order ended when an employee pummeled an out-of-control woman in a viral video. The footage made national headlines in June 2021.

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