You may have missed my debut last year of the most amazing Thanksgiving dessert. All holiday desserts can be amazing but the Piecaken is in a class of its own.

The Piecaken might be the ultimate dessert mashup. If you are unfamiliar with this amazing pairing let me take a moment to explain. A PieCaken is the combination of spice cake, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie with spiced icing layered stacked all together to create one big decadent dessert.

The PieCaken Thanksgiving Dessert

Last year when I first discovered this culinary masterpiece I was surprised to find out how many local bakers were willing to make it for their customers, a special order of course. I don't bake but this didn't look easy. My first dilemma would have been, do I make all the Piecaken parts from scratch or can I cheat with store-bought pies?

Paty Quyn
Paty Quyn

The PieCaken was the brainchild of Chef Zac Young. Since its inception, many people have attempted to make this complicated mashup of Thanksgiving pies. Even the online company Goldbelly has a range of Piecaken creators to choose from.

This dessert used to be considered unusual but over the years it has grown in popularity so much so that it can be ordered from a variety of bakeries in the Hudson Valley maybe even your favorite grocery bakery would give it a whirl if asked. You can also attempt this on your own. Just be sure to use lots of icing to cover the mistakes.

What is a PieCaken Dessert?

No matter how you plan to get a PieCaken just be sure to put it on the menu people will love it. Holiday dessert doesn't get better than throwing a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of a slice of PieCaken and celebrating the holiday season with family and friends.

If you want your PieCaken sourced locally try one of the Bakeries listed below

PieCaken Bakery Hunt in the Hudson Valley

Imagine a Thanksgiving dessert that is every possible choice rolled up into one. According to Goldbelly, the original creator of this massive holiday treat is Zac Young "Top Ten Pastry Chef in America". I decided to set out to find a PieCaken created in the Hudson Valley. These are the bakeries I heard back from and what they said about the PieCaken