St Patrick's Day is known worldwide for its celebrations. On March 17th everyone is allowed to be Irish and enjoy all that comes along with the day. In the days and weeks leading up to the actual day, you can enjoy community parades plus many other Irish traditions including Irish food and drink.

You could actually probably call the next week or so in the Hudson Valley "Corned Beef Season". The tasty treat to some will be served by the pound full along with cabbage and potatoes over the upcoming days. It will be accompanied by Irish soda bread and for some of us with a german background possibly mustard or even pilled in a Reuben sandwich.

Hudson Valley St Patrick's Day Dessert

Homemade Corned Beef and Cabbage with Carrots and Potatoes

Of course, there will be plenty of beer and whiskey to wash it down. Some of that beer may even be green. Hopefully, you will be able to find your fill of Corned Beef and cabbage with little effort. The question is what do you do for dessert? Some may ask who even has room for dessert but the truth is you are going to want to finish that rich meaty meal with something sweet. Enter the PatCaken.

Smiling young people drinking craft beer in pub on St Patrick's Day holiday

Just like its Thanksgiving equivalent the PieCaken, the PatCaken is a decadently obscene dessert designed to be so absurd that you will want to try it. Much like the PieCaken it is also hard to find. Not every bakery is willing to attempt to make this culinary St Patrick's Day delight.

Where to Get a PatCaken in the Hudson Valley

The PieCaken Bakeshop however is happy to make it and will ship it to your door with the help of Gold Belly. The exact ingredients are labeled in its picture but basically the Patcaken is a whiskey pecan pie with a Bailey's Cheesecake and a Guinness Green Velvet cake all stacked together and wrapped in Salted Caramel Frosting. Apparently, according to their Facebook post, it has already sold out once so if you are hoping to try one be sure to order soon.

Hudson Valley Bakeries Familiar with the Piecaken who Might Make a PatCaken

PieCaken Bakery Hunt in the Hudson Valley

Imagine a Thanksgiving dessert that is every possible choice rolled up into one. According to Goldbelly, the original creator of this massive holiday treat is Zac Young "Top Ten Pastry Chef in America". I decided to set out to find a PieCaken created in the Hudson Valley. These are the bakeries I heard back from and what they said about the PieCaken