The recall is happening due to an electric issue with power steering.

According to News Channel 13, 180,000 pickup trucks in North America are now being recalled to fix an electrical problem that can knock out the power steering.

The recall affects the 2019 Ram 1500 pickup trucks with most of the trucks being sold in the U.S. and about one third of the trucks are still on dealer lots across the country.

The company that owns the Ram brand, Fiat Chrysler, called for the recall after they discovered that a fastener that grounds the battery wasn't secured properly in manufacturing.

If the connection becomes loose, it could disable the power steering on the trucks which could become extremely dangerous. The company did say that if the connection does come loose drivers can still steer the truck but the effort it takes wouldn't be consistent.

There have been no reports of any crashes due to the problem as of now, but if you do have one of these trucks the company recommends that you go to the dealer where you bought the truck and make an appointment to have the fastener secured at no cost to you.