You have always wanted to do it, so why not make 2017 the year that you make wine? Yes, wine. Millbrook Winery, every year, holds a wine making boot camp. This is a real thing.

The boot camp will take place from April through March 2018, eight different hands-on sessions. Topics covered include growing grapes, pruning, leaf pulling, harvesting grapes, celebrating the harvest and bottling. The boot camp needs a minimum of 10 people to be held and has a maximum participation of 20 people.

According to their brochure:

All participants must be physically fit to provide manual labor in the vineyard. Participants must be able to lift 40 lbs.

The Boot Camp registration fee also includes:

• All of the in-the-vineyard seminars
• One seat at Millbrook Winery's Tocai New Release Party
• Post-seminar lunches with wine at the Vineyard Grille
• One seat at Millbrook Winery's 27th Annual Harvest Party
• 1 case (12 bottles) of custom labeled Lollipop Hill Tocai Friulano wine after
bottling, which should take place on or about March 2018

If you are interested in being apart of this special Wine Making Boot Camp at one of the most prestigious wineries in the Hudson Valley, contact the winery at (845) 677-8383 ext. 17.