Flying can be such a stressful occasion, as we've all dealt with delays, turbulence, lost luggage, and the overall rude behavior of other passengers. Hey, you even have to watch out for drunk pilots sometimes too.

As of September 13, there have been 1,944 reports of unruly passengers on flights. It can really bring out the worst in some people. However, one man turned to social media to ask for advice on how to handle one very persistent problem. This may be either disgusting or amusing, depending on your view.

May the Wind Be at Your Backs

Not much is known about the passenger, or what social media platform he may have posted his message on. Yahoo, and several other websites, say the man was on a cross-country flight out of New York to California. The problem arose when the man claimed another man sitting right next to him began uncontrollably passing gas. Thing is, the other guy didn't give a damn.


According to the story, the man tried desperately to block the building's noxious odor, even donning two COVID masks on top of each other. That didn't work, as he might have actually preferred COVID to what he was experiencing. The distressed passenger then said he simply leaned over and kindly told the other man to go to the bathroom and "get it all out". But the other guy said it was a "natural bodily function", and refused to stop.

I was trying to have a jovial tone and keep it light, but he was NOT having it. Kept going on about how it’s a natural bodily function and to stop bugging him about it.


He kept it up the whole flight and seemed pretty satisfied with himself.

According to the man's account, the man next to him proceeded to literally fart across the entire country without remorse. The fastest direct flight from New York to California is generally around 6 hours, so this other guy was ripping ass non-stop for over six hours. There is no word if the other guy actually expected our subject to start rating his performance, but you can imagine how bad it must have gotten in the general vicinity.

What Should he Have Done?

From what Yahoo shared, some on the internet said the man had a right to be offended and ask the flatulent passenger to stop. Others said he may have either had a medical condition or was affected by the changing altitude.

What would you have done?

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