There's another potential scam alert in the Hudson Valley.

The last year has been extremely tough for many of us and you would think that now would be a time for us to come together and heal. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused some people to fall in to some desperate times. We seem to hear about a new scam almost daily.

Many of us are at risk to these scams and we don't even think about it. Scammers know that you most likely got 3 stimulus checks. People who want to take advantage of you know that you may be getting these checks in the mail. If you didn't get paper checks mailed to you then there's a good chance you've got extra money in your bank account right now or you've spent it and you've got some new and expensive items in your home now.

Be alert and cautious about who you give important information to. Be especially protective about who you let inside your home.

A concerned citizen has issued a warning in a local Facebook group claiming that a man had knocked on her door while pretending to be a utility worker. The post was made publicly in the Highland (Town of Lloyd) group on Facebook. The person who published the post claimed that someone in Highland was knocking on doors claiming to be associated with the State Water Department. The woman who posted the warning  is claiming it's a scam and that the person was trying to gain access to her home. In the thread following the post, the woman believed the man arrived in a car. She also stated that the Town of Lloyd Police were called.

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